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About Us

Who we are

Hey there! We’re Dale and Doina. And if we were to tell you our story starts with ‘an attorney and a graphic artist walk into a bar on a South Korean island,’ you’d think we’d be pitching for the ‘Joke of the Year’ Award at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, right?

We’d try and be witty by saying ‘stranger things have happened,’ but in that time, quite literally, two seasons of Stranger Things have actually happened!

But back on point, since 2016, we have been traveling the world, far and wide, while working remotely. In that time, we’ve visited and lived in 31 countries and counting. Naturally, we’ve learned a great deal about smarter travel, the best gear to buy for travel, and what to do and where to go in many destinations.

What is Nomad Paradise?

Nomad Paradise, quite simply, brings all our knowledge of travel under one roof. For beginner, knowledgeable, and seasoned travelers alike, our website aims to:

1 – Offer expert insight and top tips into smarter travel

2 – Recommend and review the best travel gear and services

3 – Curate a growing list of resources for both casual and long-term travelers

4 – Tell travelers what to do, where to go, and what to eat in some of our favorite destinations

We’re sure our unique blend of practical, data-driven advice, and our witty, engaging storytelling, will keep you and all curious wanderlusters that grace Nomad Paradise both entertained and enlightened.

In the press

Our business and travel knowledge and expertise have been featured in publications such as Forbes, the Washington Post, and Reader’s Digest. For a selection of our press features, see our work with us page.

Get in touch

Enjoy our website, and feel free to contact us on if you have any questions, would like to inquire about partnerships, or would like to work with us.


Dale and Doina