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24 Beach Gear Essentials For The Perfect Beach Trip

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Whether you’re going local or gearing up for a vacation on faraway white sands, the beach is the perfect place to spend a day in the sun.

If you’re looking for a relaxing, thrilling, and hassle-free day, our list of 24 beach gear essentials will go a long way to make sure you’re looking stylish, feeling comfortable, and having fun.

From stylish attire to awesome gadgets, our essentials go far beyond a bathing suit and a packed lunchbox. Your day at the beach deserves to be memorable!

Stylish Beach Gear Essentials

1 – Underwater Camera

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For capturing those precious moments of your wonderful beach day, you’re going to need a camera that can hold up against the water.

The Nikon W300 is a lightweight camera, and according to the product specs, it can operate up to depths of 100ft.

With 5x optical zoom, gorgeous high-resolution photos, and 4K Ultra HD video, you can capture those thrilling water moments in crystal clear definition.

Now, you can take a swim and go on beach adventures, without worrying about submerging your smartphone or other electronic devices.

2 – Beach Shelter

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We all need to set up our own little base at the beach to keep our belongings covered and shade ourselves when relaxing.

A sun umbrella is the perfect shelter to keep you dry and shaded from the sun, in style.

With a sizeable 8 foot canopy and revolutionary side wings, you can lie back and relax in plenty of soothing shade.

Plus, the pole’s tilting mechanism allows you to move the canopy according to the sun’s position. Zippered windows allow for a gentle breeze on the skin.

It folds away easily, and its deep blue color looks gorgeous against golden sands. It’s a great shelter for your wonderful day at the beach.

3 – Sand-Free Beach Mat

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CGear’s Sandlite beach mat’s patented design means you can finally lie on a beach mat without sand getting all over the place.

Whether you’re picnicking, doing yoga, or just want to relax after a leisurely swim, the Sandlite beach mat has you covered.

The beach mat’s double-layer design also means it’s far more than functional. The mat is wonderfully soft against your skin and great for relaxing and sleeping on.

Available in a range of colors, this is an essential piece of gear that will change the way you go to the beach.

4 Aviator Sunglasses

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There’s a reason celebrities and movie stars have been sporting the classic aviator design since the 1930s: it’s a glamorous look.

Ray-Ban’s Classic Aviator sunglasses range come in a number of gorgeous tints, and they look and feel utterly fabulous.

Whether you’re going for a leisurely stroll or relaxing with a good book, your sunglasses are an integral part of your beach attire.

They protect you from the sun. They let you watch the world go by. And they allow you to enjoy your perfect day in style.

5 – Inflatable Float

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Nothing looks as fabulous in a beach photo as you riding an inflatable float along the lapping waters.

Unicorn inflatables are undoubtedly the most luxurious of all floats. They’re so much fun and perfect to lie back and enjoy the sun on.

Bring a hand or foot pump with you, so that you can inflate your float in no time at all.

Then gently push it into the float, climb aboard, and let the waters take you places as you lie back and relax, drink in hand.

6 – Sand Coasters

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We’ve all been there: you’re holding a delicious glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail, but there’s nowhere to put it.

These beautifully designed sand coasters are so simple but solve a problem so many of us have at the beach.

Simply nestle them into the sand next to you, and you’re away. They’ll keep your drink from spilling when you want to put it down.

Easy to pack, they stack seamlessly. So you can bring a pack of them with you, and everyone at the beach can keep their drinks from spilling without hassle.

7 – Cooler Tote

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Everyone at the beach wants that first refreshing sip of their drink to be icy cold. If you’re planning to picnic or drink, you need a cooler tote.

Rachel Ray has a sizeable and stylish set of cooler totes. They have a 10-gallon capacity, meaning you can pack plenty of delicious food and drink.

Amazingly, you can store frozen, cold, and hot food and beverages, without having to worry about your lunchtime treats melting or being lukewarm.

Equipped with leak-proof lining and sturdy, comfortable handles, cooler totes are far more stylish and easier to carry than traditional coolers.

8 – Portable Shower

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As the sun is setting, it’s ideal to be able to wash all that salty seawater, sand, and lotion from your skin.

Not all beaches come equipped with showers. So why take the risk, when you can bring your own portable shower?

Innhom’s portable shower can be charged either by rechargeable battery or connected to the cigarette lighter in your car.

Once you’re ready to rinse, simply hang the showerhead or hold it above your head, and away you go.

Particularly if you plan to go out for dinner or drinks after your day at the beach, a portable shower is a must-have beach essential.

9 – Inflatable Kayak

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Want to enjoy the lapping waves of shallow water without getting wet? An inflatable kayak is a perfect way to do this.

Inflatable kayaks do away with large, bulky kayaks strapped to the roof of your car or taking up all the space in the trunk and back seat.

Simply inflate the kayak at the beach with the air pump, and away you go. Oars will give you far more control than a customary dinghy.

With two seats, you can enjoy being out in the water without having to submerge your whole body and getting wet. So much fun.

10 – Portable Safe

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A portable safe is the perfect way to give you peace of mind when you want to leave your belongings for a dip in the sea or to explore.

Simply load up your belongings inside the sturdy steel casing and lock them in with the three-digit combination code.

From there, you can use the flexible steel cable to firmly lock the box to any grounded object.

This is an essential beach item for anyone who loves to swim or explore at the beach.

11 – Foldable Beach Mat

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Foldable mats are an essential piece of beach gear if you like to switch between sleeping and sitting upright.

Pick a portable mat that has a sturdy and padded body and is soft against your limbs while supporting your weight.

Easy to fold away, a portable mat is great for those times you want to sit up to read, take a drink, or just watch the rays of sun glisten against the water.

Paired with a beach umbrella, you’ve got a fantastic setup to keep you cool and comfortable when you want to relax out of the sunlight.

12 – Sun Shade

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If you’re going to the beach with a group of people, you’re going to need to create a much larger area of shade for everyone to lie and relax under.

The Red Suricata Family Sunshade is a great piece of essential beach gear to keep all your friends and family in the shade.

Simple to set up, the entire canopy folds down into a compact case. It’s held up with lightweight aluminum poles and down with bags of sand.

Mobile and easily adjusted, now you and your beloved friends or family can enjoy an entire day at the beach under your very own canopy.

13 – Waterproof Pouch

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There’s also a risk of getting water, sand, and other unwanted things in your devices at the beach. Therefore, a waterproof pouch is a wise investment.

Whether you’re relaxing on the sand or swimming in the sea, putting your devices in a pouch will keep them protected at all times.

Many waterproof pouches come with clips, so you can keep the pouch attached to you at all times if you don’t want to leave it isolated.

A worthwhile beach essential if you’re planning to bring phones, cameras, and drones on your fun day out with you.

14 – Hanging Chair

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From the trees on the hillside to the beams above a porch, there are so many places you could hang at hanging hammock chairs.

Hanging chairs are perfect for those moments you simply want to snuggle up with a good book and sway in the shade.

If you’re driving to the beach, you can simply stow away a portable hanging chair on the back seat or in the trunk.

When the evening arrives, there’s no better way to watch the sunset with your friends or family.

15 – Paddle Board

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Feeling a little adventurous? An inflatable paddleboard is a beach gear essential water lovers of all ages can enjoy.

SereneLife’s Inflatable stand-up paddleboard gives you a wide stance and six inches of a sturdy deck to sail through the shallow waters with.

If the tide is in and the water is calm, a paddleboard can provide you with hours of fun. If you can’t sit, simply sit and enjoy the view.

Once you’re finished in the water, you can simply deflate the paddleboard. Easy and lightweight to carry, it’s a great beach accessory to bring with you.

16 – Waterproof Speakers

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As Madonna infamously said, ‘music makes the people come together.’ At the beach, you’re going to need a speaker that’s both high-quality and waterproof.

The BassPal IPX7 is a good speaker for both your stationary beach spot and for when you want to go into the water for fun and games.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your phone and listen to some of your favorite songs while you lounge, relax, and play games.

If you want to head into the water, you can switch the speaker to radio mode. Play games and splash around as you plenty of great tracks.

As beach gear essentials go, someone always has to bring the music. It ain’t a beach day party without some head rocking tunes!

17 – Foldable Beach Table

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Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make all the difference. You don’t think twice about hard surfaces to put your food and drink on until you don’t have one.

A compact, foldable table is ideal for any beach trip you’re planning to pack plenty of food and drink for. A set of coasters can only take you so far.

Foldable tables are easily stowed and carried, so they won’t take up much space and weight in your backpack or beach bag.

That way, you can enjoy your refreshing drinks and delicious food without worrying about them spilling or coming into contact with any sand.

Don’t take chances with your food and drink. This is an essential piece of beach gear that will make all the difference.

18 – Clip Fan

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A clip fan is a simple and effective way to keep you cool when even the shade is feeling a little too hot.

The WiHoo Mini Handheld Fan wraps around poles and objects with its flexible tripod legs. That way, you don’t need to hold it to your face.

Battery operated, fully charged, you’ll have up to 3-4 hours of soothing breeze running along your face and skin, cooling you down.

Some beach gear essentials are for fun and others for your body and health. Keeping yourself cool in the midday heat always needs to be a priority.

19 – Portable Power Bank

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If you’re planning to spend all day and evening at the beach, there’s a good chance your device batteries are not going to last.

Be sure to equip yourself with a portable charger. Fully charged, this beach gear essential can provide your devices with many hours of additional battery life.

That way, you can still take photos, play music, and keep yourself connected. Not to mention the importance of having a working phone in case of emergencies.

There is a range of excellent portable chargers on the market. Be sure to double-check a charger is compatible with your devices before making a decision.

20 – Stemless Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

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More often than not, taking a sip of crisp, cold wine from a plastic cup just doesn’t do the wine justice. You’re going to want glasses to match the occasion.

This shatterproof wine glass is a great accompaniment for your delicious bottles of white or red. Who says you can’t drink in style at the beach?

These glasses are thick and sturdy. They can handle bouncing around in a car or being dropped on a hard floor.

They’re an excellent way to drink your wine in the heat of midday or as the sun sets on the horizon.

21 – Air Lounger

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Want something softer and more fun than a mat or beach towel? Enjoy your awesome beach day from the comfort of an air lounger.

Air loungers are great because, despite their size, they can be inflated or deflated. And you can pack them up into your bag or case.

Once inflated, you and your friends or family can lie back and relax. Your neck and back will be well supported, and you can lie on them in so many positions.

If you’re planning to lie down for several hours at the beach and need plenty of support and comfort, an air lounger is an essential piece of beach gear.

22 – Cooler with Speakers

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All your friends and family are going to hail you as the official party-starter if you pull out a cooler with speakers!

Not only will you be able to open up the cooler and offer everyone refreshing drinks, but you’ll also become the resident DJ with the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Coolers are an essential piece of beach gear if you’re bringing food and drink. With the built-in speakers, you can save space in your car or bag.

Pull open the top, turn up the volume, and let the good times commence!

23 – Amphibian Shoes

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We all have our favorite sandals or flip-flops for the beach. But if we want to venture along the shore, or into more rugged terrain, proper footwear is needed.

Because so much of this ground is wet, it’s not ideal to take normal sneakers or shoes designed for flat ground.

A pair of amphibian shoes solves this problem. They’re designed to be used on wet ground and to be easy to slip on and off.

Whether you’re looking to amble along the rocks or take the party into the nearby hills, correct footwear will go a long way to keeping you comfortable and injury-free.

Footwear, no doubt, is a beach gear essential. So don’t struggle through with flip-flops or old trainers. A comfortable pair of water shoes will give you peace of mind.

24 – Mini Drone

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With the sun setting and the waters gently lapping, what better way to capture the magic than from the skies via drone?

Drone technology has come a long way in such a short space of time. Granted, standard drones can still be bulky and very expensive.

But mini drones are now on the market, and the quality of their images and video are incredible, considering their size.

DJI’s mavic mini is so small, it weighs less than 0.55 lb (less than 250 grams)! It’s a great piece of beach gear to fly up into the sky and take photos and video.

Life is so much better when we capture those special moments. A mini drone can do it from the ground, or way up high in the sky.

Beach Gear Essentials Summary

So there you have it: a unique and diverse selection of essential beach gear to take your fun day out or exotic vacation to a whole new level.

Beaches are stunning places where you can relax and have fun. But travel to them without essential gear, and it could spoil your time there entirely.

First and foremost, choose beach gear to keep you safe. From sun shades to water shoes, many of these essentials will help keep you healthy and reduce the chance of injury.

Then, be sure to pack some beach gear essentials purely for fun. Not everyone is going to want to lie out on the sand for hours on end.

From music to paddleboards, it’s important to make sure everyone is having a good time. So load up on plenty of options.

Love the beach. Love your friends and family. And love your beach gear essentials. From the functional to the whacky, there are amazing products to enhance everyone’s experience.

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24 Must-Have Beach Gear Essentials (pin).
24 Must-Have Beach Essentials (pin).