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Best Portable Printers and Printer-Scanner Combos for Travel: Guide & Reviews (2023)

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Looking for the best portable printer to take with you on a business trip or a much-needed workation? From the things to need to consider to some trusted recommendations across three categories, our guide will help you find a portable printer that’s just right for you.

Best Portable Printers

Quick Picks

Don’t have time to read through? No problem, simply use our recommendations below to get right to the printers.

Best Portable Printer Scanner ComboHP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer
Best Portable PrinterEpson WorkForce WF-110 Portable Printer
Best Portable Photo PrinterHP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Portable Printer Considerations

Best Portable Printers and Printer-Scanner Combos for Travel: Things to Consider

When buying a portable printer, be sure to take these considerations into account before buying one.


Our guide breaks down portable printers into three categories:

  • Scanner-Printer Combo – More suitable for business trips and if you need to work a lot when traveling. Generally, while they can do the most, these devices will be larger and more fragile than portable printers, so consider how you will pack and carry them.
  • Portable Printer – If you need a printer for quick document printing on your travels, consider a portable printer. Be sure to check the compatibility to your devices.
  • Photo Printer – Photo printers are super compact and ideal for printing photos in the moment. However, these devices only print photos, often at a specified size, so don’t mistake them for printers that can also print documents and other files.

Weight and Size

Arguably, because you will need to pack the printer in your suitcase or carry-on, this is the most important factor. Treat it as you would a laptop, and make sure it is adequately protected when packed away with a specialized case, bubble wrap, or nestled between clothes.

Connectivity and Compatibility

If a USB model, make sure you have the correct cables and that both your printer and device can connect. Try them both before you travel. If via Bluetooth or Wifi, again, make sure you test your printer with your device beforehand.

Print Speed

While not essential, if you are, say, caught in a rush and need to quickly print off documents, check the printer’s ppm (page per minute) rating.

Ink or Toner Options

This one can really become an issue when you’re away from home. It can be very difficult to get the right ink or toner abroad, or get it delivered. Be sure you know the exact models, and maybe even bulk order in the ink or toner, so that you have a supply on hand.

Paper Type and Size

As with ink, standard sizes and options will vary in different countries. Consider traveling with the right type of paper, and also think about what the printer can and can’t print on e.g. envelopes.

Price and Insurance

When traveling with any expensive tech, it’s always important to prepare for the worst. If your printer were to break, think about your backup options, and where else you could get things printed.

Make sure your insurance covers you, and also think about the price of the printer and your budget. If you just need a device to quickly print documents and you don’t need to worry about the quality, it’s better to get a faster, less expensive printer that simply gets the job done.

If you want to print photos, you could easily wait until you get home or back to your work office, and use an online service that can print professionally and deliver them to you.

Best Portable Printer Picks

If you’ve taken the considerations into account and are ready to look closer at some recommendations, let’s dive into our top picks for each of the portable printer categories.

Best Portable Printer Scanner Combo

1 – HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer with Wireless & Mobile Printing

Check Price on Amazon

The HP OfficeJet can print pictures and documents in formats ranging from 3’’ x 5’’ to 8.5’’ x 14’’, including letter, legal, and envelope sizes. Borderless printing is supported up to 5’’ x 7’’.

Printing can be done from any device that can connect via a USB or that has WiFi or Bluetooth.

The printer supports all the connection methods mentioned above. It prints up to 10 papers per minute (black and white or 7 in color), and the auto document feeder function supports up to 10 papers.

At 6.5 pounds, the printer is quite portable for a printer-scanner combo, and you can relatively easily take it with you wherever you go.

The device is powered by a fast-charging battery that can be charged either via USB or an AC adapter as long as the power source is stronger than 1 amp.

Two ink cartridges are fitted inside the printer, one black, and one tricolor, and you have the option of using HP’s special high-yield cartridges with this device.

Finally, for ease of use, there is a 2.65’’ touch screen that makes operating the printer a breeze.


  • Great print quality
  • High print yield per cartridge


  • Doesn’t come with a USB cable
  • High-end range when it comes to price, so consider your budget

Best Portable Printer

2 – Epson WorkForce WF-110 Portable Printer 

Check Price on Amazon

The Epson WorkForce WF-110 is a portable printer in the truest possible sense of the word as it weighs just 4.6 pounds and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

If the built-in battery isn’t enough for you, there is also the option of purchasing an external battery for extra time without having to plug the printer in. Charging can be done via either USB or an AC adapter and there is an option of simply using the printer while it is plugged in.

USB, 5G WiFi, and WiFi direct are the primary connection methods for this printer and it can print in sizes up to 8.5’’ x 11’’ and 4’’ x 6’’ borderless. It’s far from the fastest printer in the world but you can count on high print quality and a slightly faster printing speed when the printer is plugged in.

In order to conserve the battery, the printer has an auto power-off feature that won’t let the battery charge go to waste if you forget to turn the device off.

A 1.4’’ LCD display will let you see the status of the device and you can set the printer up so that you can activate printing using your voice.


  • Has a built-in battery
  • High print quality


  • Slower printing compared to other models
  • Battery life might be an issue (as with many electronics)

Best Portable Photo Printer

3 – HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Check Price on Amazon

This is a very compact and portable photo printer that comes in 4 different colors. Portability is a major area of importance for such a printer and it is great to see that this printer comes with a built-in battery that is charged via a USB cable and allows up to 35 prints without having to recharge the battery.

It is designed to work with an app that uses Bluetooth to connect to the printer and which can be used to edit photos before printing. The printer supports multiple connections at once and there is an LED light to let you know who is currently printing on it. The app is compatible with iOS 8 and higher and Android 4.4 and higher.

The maximum format of the photo is a borderless 2’’ x 3’’ with a resolution of 313×400 dpi. The maximum input is 10 sheets of ZINK photo paper that uses a revolutionary zero ink technology to completely eliminate the need for ink cartridges when printing.

The ZINK paper contains special dye crystals that are heat-activated and they are responsible for giving your photos a clear and natural look and feel.


  • Doesn’t require ink
  • Good print quality


  • High running costs (as with all ZINK printers)

Best Portable Printers Summary

Finding the right portable printer for you comes down to your needs. Whether you’re a business traveler who always needs a document scanner and printer on standby, or someone who loves to print out photos in the moment, our rundown hopefully has helped you shed some light on the capabilities of portable printers and, most importantly, why you want one.

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Best Portable Printers and Printer-Scanner Combos for Travel: Things to Consider