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Why Algarve Should Be the Next Destination on Your Travel Bucket List in 21 Photos

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Looking to get inspired for your next dreamy vacation to exotic and faraway lands? These photos of the Algarve are ready and waiting to ignite your wanderlust.

Portugal’s Algarve, its southernmost region, is a sun-kissed area of breathtaking coastline, rustic villages, and golden beaches.

From the bustling towns of Lagos and Faro to secluded cobbled-street villages hidden in the mountains, the Algarve is a place of awe, beauty, and all the good things in life.

Get ready for the Portuguese coast to capture a little piece of your heart, as we explore this gorgeous region of Portugal in 21 beautiful photos.

Photos of the Algarve

Secluded coves, their beaches lapped by turquoise waters, are dotted across the rugged coast of the Algarve.

The grand, white structure of Saint Mary’s Church very much typifies the style of architecture in Lagos, one of the region’s most popular cities.

If you’re looking for a place with a calmer pace of life, small fishing towns and cities, like Tavira, are ideal for your relaxing summer retreat.

Pastel-colored houses and porcelain mosaic tiled walls line the cobbled streets in many of the Algarve’s towns and cities.

These rugged arches, lapped by sun-kissed turquoise waters, house pools and lagoons begging to be swum in.

The Algarve has secluded, sun-bathed beaches, gazing out at the ocean, in abundance.

Carapateria beach is a great spot for an afternoon of horse riding.

Lagos’ Camilo Beach, with its weathered footbridge, scenic greenery, and breathtaking sunset views, is perfect for an afternoon of peace and relaxation.

Praia da Amoreira, with its smooth, coral sands and rugged, green hills, looks like something straight off the back of a postcard.

For romantic walks through the luscious countryside and rolling hills, you can’t go wrong in the Algarve.

If you love exploring Mother Nature and her secret wonders, shimmering lagoons and crystal-water caves are dotted across the Algarve region.

The Cape of St. Vicent greets you with some truly spectacular views of the ocean and the glorious Portuguese coastline.

Benagil Cave, nicknamed Benagil Catherdral due to its arches, is just one of the thousands of examples of the Algarve’s spectacular headlines, caves, and bays.

The fishing villages of the Algarve are undoubtedly its hidden gems, and definitely worth unearthing if you’re willing to embrace the region’s wilder side.

Lagos’ beaches are truly stunning. When the sun soaks the lapping waters and sandy beaches in its soothing glow, you know you’re in paradise.

Those sumptuous sunset colors draped over the beautiful town of Carvoeiro make for quite the backdrop.

Praia de Albandeira is a staggeringly beautiful stretch of Algarve coastline.

Image the feeling of that soft, warm sand between your toes, and those gentle rays caressing your skin. Magical.

There’s no doubt that the Algarve does charm by the bucket load. The dainty pastel-colored houses look like something out of a dollhouse commercial.

And for those moments of self-reflection, you simply can’t beat sunset walks along the Algarve coast.

Photos of the Algarve Summary

The Algarve truly has something for everyone when it comes to tranquil, charming, and memorable vacations.

The fishing villages will transport you back to 1960s Portugal. The secluded beaches will take you far away from the bustle of day-to-day life.

And the evenings spent gazing out over the ocean, port wine in hand, will make you want to stay forever.

The Algarve is a place of raw beauty, wild adventures, and evenings of good fun and great company.

And as these photos of the Algarve prove, it has all the ingredients for your next unforgettable escape to paradise.

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