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20 Cool Picnic Gadgets and Accessories (2022)

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Picnics are relaxing, fun, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening. Nothing can beat eating delicious food and playing games in the great outdoors.

So why not take your picnic experience to the next level? These 20 cool picnic gadgets and picnic accessories will go a long way to making your picnic extra special.

From innovative food storage to wild and whacky games, there are so many unique accessories on this list to make your picnic memorable!

20 Cool Picnic Gadgets & Accessories

The Picnic Set-Up

1 – Sandproof and Waterproof Picnic Blanket

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Lying in the sun and reading a good book can make your day, and being able to do this in peace without having your blanket wet, torn, or full of sand is always nice.

This neat blanket is ideal for picnics or just chilling on your own, and it is easy to pack and carry around.

Pick your size – it comes in 3 sizes depending on what you need it for.

The blanket gets rid of sand and water by letting them pass through the small holes in the fabric, making it light as well. It looks pretty neat as well.  

2 – Picnic Basket

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When packing for a picnic, you always seem to forget that one little detail that would have made it that more romantic.

This picnic basket has everything you need and even more – a blanket, complete cutlery, and even a little table to hold your picnic lunch. It also includes a corkscrew and a wine tote to make picnics into fancy dinners.

A food cooler is also inside, which keeps your food fresh for as long as you need it.

All of this is inside a really nice willow basket that is durable and stylish at the same time.

3 – Picnic Table

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If you are looking to turn a regular picnic into a cute little fancy dinner or lunch, a table that is ideally designed for a wine bottle and wine glasses may be the answer.

It is compact, easy to carry around due to its wooden design, and it is easy to pack after you’re finished.

This table is made of mango wood and can hold four glasses of wine and a wine bottle, plus any snacks or little meals you made at home.

It’s a nice detail to spice up a picnic in the park or the woods while enjoying nature with your friends or a romantic picnic with your partner.

4 – Picnic Chairs

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When camping or on a night picnic and stargazing, comfort is essential.

With this specialized chair, you can enjoy your outdoor activities even more because it has a fully adjustable headrest, so no more neck pain after a night of stargazing.

If you want to change your angle, no problem – just shift your body weight and find the perfect position.

If you want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee not to miss any sky activity, it also has a cup holder in its padded armrest to make things easy.

It is made of a material that repels liquid, so if you accidentally spill your beverage, the chair will be dry in minutes.

5 – Beach Sunshade Canopy (Perfect for Beach Picnics)

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Time on the beach with family is a really fun activity – you can swim, play different games, chill on the beach reading a book or have a picnic together.

All this can be an even better and safer experience if you have your own shade.

With this sunshade canopy, you will have all the protection you need from getting a sunburn while having shelter from the heat on the hot summer days.

It is easy to mount and already has enough poles and anchors to keep it steady when it gets windy. 

Picnic Food & Drink Gadgets and Accessories

6 – Cooler Backpack

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Carrying coolers around in your hand can be additional weight, and extra weight is something you avoid when going camping, walking through in the forest, or generally outdoors.

This cooler is designed as a backpack which makes it very practical and easy to carry because the weight is no longer in your hands.

It has the capacity to keep all the drinks and food cold, and it’s waterproof and sunlight-proof.

It’s a handy and reliable accessory that is designed with care for comfort and resistance.   

7 – Portable Grill

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When going for camping trips or the beach, a reliable portable barbecue always comes in handy and makes the day that much better.

This charcoal portable grill does the job with high rankings, allowing you to grill up to six burgers at once and has a rectangular shape so it is easy to fit in the back of your car.

Complete with a lid that is easily and securely locked so you can carry it anywhere, it is the perfect accessory for grilling on the go and not leaving anything behind after that in the outdoors.

8 – Food Containers

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If planning a big picnic, this will come in handy. Carry up to 24 foods for your picnic with this set of containers that come in various shapes and sizes for anything you may need.

Each container comes with a firm and leak-proof lid so that food is kept fresh and safe from any bacteria.

The glass they are made of can endure drastic heat changes. They are also easy to clean, and they are dishwasher safe so you can re-use them quickly. 

9 – Pop-up Mesh Food Covers

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There is almost nothing more annoying than flies, moths, and other flying insects on your food for a picnic.

To solve this problem and keep your food safe, these pop-up food covers come more than in handy.

They are see-through so you know what food is on the plate without having to uncover, and they are easily foldable.

This comes in handy when taking them with you to your favorite picnic spot.

They can also be washed easily with a cloth so you can re-use them any time you like.

10 – Portable Coffee Maker

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If you prefer a certain type of espresso coffee and want to be able to bring it with you in almost any circumstances, the portable espresso machine is the solution.

It needs absolutely no power whatsoever – it is completely manually operated. Just by adding your favorite espresso into the filter basket and hot water into the tank, you can make your coffee just the way you want it – perfect for a picnic.

It can fit 50ml of liquid which makes it ideal for sharing a hot cup of espresso with friends and family.   

11 – Insulated Wine Bag

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If you are a true wine lover, taking your favorite bottle to a picnic needs to be properly handled – including the right temperature and of course keeping it from getting damaged.

This wine bag is specifically designed for this purpose. It keeps your wine cool and can fit two bottles, and it’s easy to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap or handle.

Easily return your wine bottle back to the bag to keep it cool for later when on a picnic, at a pool party, or on the beach.  

12 – Wine Tumblers

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Wine lovers know that it is important to have a certain type of wine glass to fully enjoy the experience of a good wine, but wine glasses are usually easily broken and can’t be carried to a picnic or other outdoor gatherings.

These wine tumblers give this unique wine experience when you are outdoors, and come in a pack of two because sharing is caring.

Sip your favorite wine in these stainless steel tumblers and when finished, feel free to put them in a dishwasher because they do not peel or rust. 

13 – Bartender’s Kit Bag

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Entertaining company with a fancy cocktail made on the spot is the ultimate form of hospitality and enjoyment.

Carry all you need for making perfect cocktails in a stylish portable bag to a picnic, house, or pool party. You can even bring your own ice because this kit includes an ice bag.

You have shakers, different spoons, and other gadgets that can cover even the toughest of cocktails.

Shake and stir with style and ease anywhere you like with this bartender’s kit in a durable bag that also includes a shoulder strap for effortless transport.  

Picnic Atmosphere & Mood

14 – Portable Speaker

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There’s nothing like some good music to keep the mood going just right, especially when you are at a picnic or the outdoors in general.

Having a reliable and good-quality speaker makes that experience even better, and with this speaker, you can enjoy your favorite music wherever you go – even near the pool because it is waterproof.

Simply connect it to your phone, tablet, or some other device via Bluetooth and enjoy good quality sound and the songs you like.

Control the volume or song playing directly on the speaker without having to get hold of your other device. 

15 – Inflatable Lounger

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Take the comfort of a sofa with you to any picnic outdoors with this inflatable lounger, and truly enjoy every moment of your picnic.

It can be inflated by simply whisking it through the air and a big comfortable lounger is at your disposal.

Lounge all day in the sun or watch the stars from a comfortable position and when you’re done, you can pack your lounger in a bag that comes along with it.

16 – Multifunctional Solar Light

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When you are out for an evening or night picnic, consider bringing a light, which can be functional and also set the mood for a romantic picnic.

This solar light is the ideal accessory to have in these situations, but also in emergency situations as well.

It is fully foldable, takes up minimum space, and can be charged by either USB or solar light.

It also includes a USB and Micro USB port to charge your phone when you are outdoors. It’s a very compact all-in-one accessory and a handy device to have generally.

17 – Bug Repellant Device

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Picnics and other outdoor activities can be ruined by mosquitos and other annoying bugs that just won’t leave you alone.

An odorless, non-chemical, tidy, and efficient solution is this bug repellant that fights all those annoying bugs flying around while you are trying to have a good time with your friends and family.

It is portable and needs no chords to function, meaning you can place it anywhere without having to worry about a power source. No bad smells and no cleaning up needed, just place it near where you are sitting and it will keep the bugs away.  

Picnic Entertainment

18 – Picnic Games for Adults

If you like games but don’t want to put too much effort in, these relaxing games offer you the kind of experience you desire. 

No complicated and time-consuming rules and guidelines to follow, just pure fun.

Apart from that, they will turn any gathering into a fun and unforgettable party, bringing out some funny stuff from even the quiet and shy people that never say much at school or college.

Cards Against Humanity will make everyone say out loud some outrageous things they wouldn’t say normally, while Never Have I Ever will uncover some hidden secrets from your friends and spark up the atmosphere.

At a pool party, the beach, or camping trip it is always cool to have an activity where everyone can join in.

One classic game in these situations is volleyball, and now you can bring your own volleyball set anywhere.

It is easy to mount and it comes with everything you need except the ball.

Simply place the poles into the ground, mount the side sleeves and the net and you are good to go. You can also adjust the height so it can be used for an adult or children’s game. 

Great exercise and fun at the same time while enjoying the outdoors and sunlight.

Love a good game of croquet out in the sun? This croquet set comes with everything you need to play your favorite game, quality gear for a quality game, and it even comes in a convenient and stylish carrying case ready for the next time you plan to play.

Complete with 6 color mallets and 6 balls, as well as all the other gear needed to have a proper game, call your friends up, and organize a game or two outside.

No need to rent out or borrow the gear you need because you can have it all in this one carrying case.

19 – Picnic Games for Kids

When outside and enjoying yourself with your family and friends, a nice board game or card game makes these activities even more fun.

Two classic games that have entertained a few generations back are Monopoly and Uno, and they are still very enjoyable when wanting to relax and have a bit of fun at the same time.

The reason for their popularity has been that they’re equal fun for kids and adults, and a combination of both during a game is even more entertaining.

Simple rules and competitiveness are a good mix for having a good time, and with these two games, you can engage for hours.

Kids love going camping and picnics, and they also love having gear that resembles that of grown-ups.

This exploration kit will keep the kids amused and safe for the whole trip, giving them everything they need for an outdoor adventure with their parents.

Equipped with a carrying bag, a vest, a hat that protects them from the sun, and gadgets such as binoculars and a magnifying glass, they are more than good to go for an adventure in the woods, the park or hiking.

They can inspect any plants or bugs, see animals or trees far away and enjoy nature.

20 – Kindle (Perfect for Solo Picnics)

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When you want to go to the park by yourself or on a solo picnic and don’t know what to read, it can be a hassle to bring more than one book.

The solution is Kindle, which offers a huge number of books at the tip of your fingertips and is more convenient for reading anything you like than a regular tablet, laptop or smartphone.

It has a warm light option that is comfortable for your eyes and can even be connected to headphones so you can listen to your book instead of reading it.

And if you like to read, you can start with a Free Kindle Unlimited trial for unlimited e-books.

Picnic Accessories & Gear Summary

I can already smell the pie and taste the wine! There are so many great products on the market to make your picnic truly memorable.

Naturally, start with your food and drink. Keeping it protected from germs should be a top priority.

Once it’s safe, you then should think about suitable storage. No one wants to sip warm wine or bite into soggy sandwiches.

Once you have your food and drink picnic accessories stacked and filled, then you can really start to have some fun.

There are so many picnic gear choices for fun games or relaxing activities, depending on what you’re looking for.

Particularly if you’re having a picnic with children, you’re going to want to make sure they have plenty of ways to entertain themselves.

Don’t settle for substandard on your next picnic. Equip yourself with some essential picnic gear, and you’ll have a far better and memorable time.

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20 Amazing Picnic Gadgets

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