About Big Sprite Games

Hi, my name’s Dave Longbottom and Big Sprite Games is my indie game dev. project. I started it up in 2012 and released my debut game, Goats and Gadgets, on the App Store in March, 2013. It grossed around $200, which was awesome because it only took me 15 months to make. During the post-mortem, I concluded that I would need to invest into a business with greater commercial viability, so I set up a lemonade stand out the front of my parents house.

All was going great but then in September 2014, Cassie Jenkins set up across the road. She stole all my customers and every time she made a sale, she’d brush her Barbies hair in this passive-aggressive display of dominance as if to say “I’ll crush you”. I added even more salt to my recipe but my efforts were in vain. She had a stranglehold on the market. It was time to get out.

I decided to give game development another shot and I’m now working on my second game. I hope this one works out better. I don’t want to have to face Cassie Jenkins again.